Kairos Beta 1.0 Released

Sorry guys for not updating you. But I decided to release a short beta of Pokemon Kairos because I'm losing motivation to do this hack and I want to get feedback of the game just incase it brings back my motivation to continue it. Hope guys enjoy it and please report any nasty bugs.

Beta 1.0 - Download
Length - Upto Fraxinus City. 2 Gyms.


  1. Please don't let it die Pokemon HarvestCraft is still my favorite game & this is like having a sequel to the original. Thanks for all your hard work I'm sure many others just don't comment but tons of people play your romhacks.

  2. hi. im new to the scene when it comes to your romhacks, but i love harvestcraft. im playing it right now. As for your second romhack, pls complete it. I'd really love to play it after i've finished harvestcraft. it's really unique and interesting without the normal grinding so far. it's like a slice of life pokemon game that i had always wanted. I have some ideas about it too, but I can't make it into a reality coz I can't hack games like this. So pls, finish this so you can make more. I'm sure there are lots of people that are happy of your work, but are unable to tell you. I myself just happened to randomly stumble on this site coz I was looking for a harvestcraft guide. Please, continue on. God bless you. :)


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