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Version 2.0 is out ! Length: Up to the 8th Badge. End of the Story.Note: You can't use your old save from Version 1.1.

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A lot of updated scripts including Apricorn Planting, Headbutt Trees, Horde Battle Scripts, and a alot more!Apricorn Planting has an updated mechanics. Can be harvested many times, different types of apricorns grow at different rate, and getting dries and die. Season now affects how Apricorns grow. Spring has no effect. Soil is always dry on Summer (When the soil is dry, water it twice.) and apricorns grow fast. You can get a lot of harvest during the Autumn season.Headbutt Trees, now Hammer Trees now uses Hammer Tool instead of a move Headbutt. Items has a chance to fall from the tree.Defeating a horde of Pokemon will give a you a loot depending on the place. However, Shiny Pokemon does not appear anymore.Hidden Grottos, inaccessible at the start of the game until the Player meets an event. Hidden Grottos may contain items, or wild Pokemons, dependin…