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Version 1.1 is OUT!

Version 1.1 is out!! Up to the 7th BadgeStory will go upto to the part where your Rival, STILES/STELLA, will leave her library and you will not see him/her againfor some reason..A lot of bug fix and some change in scripts.
Full Changelog:
Updated TORCHIC and GOGOAT Script. Now uses real multichoice.
Updated the NPC Script to use the real multichoice.
Updated all shops script to use real multichoice. Here are some Examples:
Rival now has a script after the "Mayor's Secret" Event
Mrs. WHITE now turns DIRT into CLAY
Other changes that doesn't need an image. Or I'm just lazy to add.Updated apricorn spriteThe number of Badges now determine the number of maximum Energy when you sleepTalking to NPC now has a chance to gain Love PointsLove Points can now be seen when talking to NPCItems contained in Mining Packs in the Blacksmith is now different and had its price changed.Parents/Shop Owners now has a proper script.Doors inside houses has script now.
Bug Fixed ELLI now has a prope…

Version 1.0 Now Available!!

Hello guys, I've been very busy doing school works for the past few months so I wasn't able to work on my hack. I may not be able to continue this anymore so instead of letting my hard work on this hack go to waste, I'm going to upload it asVersion 1.0. It is playable and you can get up to the 7th badge. Anyways, some notes on this Version 1.0

Please take note that this is not yet complete.Some multichoice are still pokepic and yes/no follow up questions.The trevenant intro is really awkward.Some hero and heroine OW Sprites still has the default OW Sprite.
Download: Version 1.0