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Pokemon HarvestCraft 2nd Trailer

Watch this short trailer I made for Pokemon HarvestCraft. :)

News Update

Hey Guys! I'm back with some big news
The new berry system is now implemented! Berries grow randomly every day..

New tool was added! Shovel!!

What's the use of shovel?

Well for digging of course!

To dig what?

Dig Treasures!  Nah, you'll only get to dig clay and dirt. And sometimes you'll encounter wild pokemons!

What's the clay for? And the dirt?

 Well the clay is for crafting pots but the dirt is useless. Well you can sell dirt for 1 Pokemoney! :)

Where do I craft the Pot and what's it for?

Planting Crops! Just Kidding

You can craft POT in the furnace. It is use for cooking. (Eg. Glazed Turnip requires POT to be cooked). And of Course you need Coals to cook them duh.

Foods!? Why do I need to eat in the Pokemon World?
Well This is a Pokemon hack based on HarvestMoon so you'll need the food to replenish your energy.

Where will I get the Turnip, then?

Turnips and others crops (Eg. Potato, Cabbage, Spinach, Red S, Brown S) are found somewhere in the town.

I can't plant th…

News Update

Headbutt Trees are now implemented for the next release
Day and Night switching of pokemon is now ready for the next release (Only occurs in the woods)
Left Day Right Night (It doesn't looks night on the right because I didn't use the day and night system tool it's just a custom script)

More Tainer Battle Screenies

Pokemon HarvestCraft

     21 years ago, Pokemon lived in harmony in the woods. The Pokemons there were ruled by the Pokemon Trevenant.
     One day, A group of people came and started cutting trees and building houses. There was no left home for the Pokemons. The Trevenant did not know what to do so it ask help on the Harvest Goddess. Harvest Goddess quickly responds and tried to punish the people. But she fell in love with one of them, and his name was Eric, which also fell in love with her. So Harvest Goddess forgave Eric and his townspeople. Trevenant didn't like her decision but he doesn't have any choice until he learned that If Harvest Goddess marries a human, she will lost all of her powers and pass it to Trevenant that's one thing Harvest Goddessdidn't know about herself.
     Until 2 years later they got married (That's a long wait, huh?). At the end of the wedding, Harvest Goddess tried to use her powers to create fireworks but it didn't work, that's the time when …