Pokemon Kairos Download

You need to patch the UPS to a clean 1636 - Pokemon Fire Red (U)(Squirrels) Rom using NUPS Patcher to play.

Please report any bugs in the comment section. Or in the pokecommunity thread here

Release Version Beta 1.0 (10 - 13 - 17)

  • Length: Up to Fraxinus City. 2 Gyms.

Pokémon HarvestCraft Download

You need to patch the IPS to a clean Ruby Rom using Lunar IPS to play.

For some reason, Others have trouble playing this game. Please try a different Ruby Rom (1.0 or 1.1 or other version).

Release Version 2.0 (1 - 17 - 16)

  • Length: Up to the 8th Badge. End of the Story.
  • Note: You can't use your old save from Version 1.1. Sorry .

  • A lot of updated scripts including Apricorn Planting, Headbutt Trees, Horde Battle Scripts, and a alot more!
  • Apricorn Planting has an updated mechanics. Can be harvested many times, different types of apricorns grow at different rate, and getting dries and die. Season now affects how Apricorns grow. Spring has no effect. Soil is always dry on Summer (When the soil is dry, water it twice.) and apricorns grow fast. You can get a lot of harvest during the Autumn season.
  • Headbutt Trees, now Hammer Trees now uses Hammer Tool instead of a move Headbutt. Items has a chance to fall from the tree.
  • Defeating a horde of Pokemon will give a you a loot depending on the place. However, Shiny Pokemon does not appear anymore.
  • Hidden Grottos, inaccessible at the start of the game until the Player meets an event. Hidden Grottos may contain items, or wild Pokemons, depending on the day. The Regi Trio will appear if a certain pattern is made. Latios and Latias will appear after the player finishes the game.
  • Patterns of the Regi Trios will be Posted soon. Only one of them can be Encountered.
  • Latios and Latias. Only one of them can be encountered. Randomly set at the start of the game.
  • Honey Tree - Well, most of you know what honey tree is. Pokemon may appear if you slathered it with honey.
  • Updated the Trainer's Pokemon and Levels.

Release Version 1.1 (12 - 28 - 15)

  • Up to the 7th Badge
  • Story will go upto to the part where your Rival, STILES/STELLA, will leave her library and you will not see him/her againfor some reason..
  • A lot of bug fix and some change in scripts.

Full Changelog:

  • Updated TORCHIC and GOGOAT Script. Now uses real multichoice.

  • Updated the NPC Script to use the real multichoice.

  • Updated all shops script to use real multichoice. Here are some Examples:

  • Rival now has a script after the "Mayor's Secret" Event

  • Mrs. WHITE now turns DIRT into CLAY

Other changes that doesn't need an image. Or I'm just lazy to add.

  • Updated apricorn sprite
  • The number of Badges now determine the number of maximum Energy when you sleep
  • Talking to NPC now has a chance to gain Love Points
  • Love Points can now be seen when talking to NPC
  • Items contained in Mining Packs in the Blacksmith is now different and had its price changed.
  • Parents/Shop Owners now has a proper script.
  • Doors inside houses has script now.

Bug Fixed
  • ELLI now has a proper script in move tutoring. (Move Relearner)
  • All Signpost now have the right messages
  • Fixed Propose action now reject the Player instead of taking into battle
  • Fixed Cooking Greens Bug
  • Fixed All Food Items Disappear when eating
  • Fixed Coop and Barn being full even if it is not
  • Fixed PLATE Item
  • Fixed Dedenne sprite
  • Bag Pockets now have the right messages

There's a bug in Version 1.0 that says you Coop or Barn is full even though it is not. The maximum capacity is 4 By the way. So if you get this message talk to the plant in the library like the one at the picture. And you the bug will be fixed forever so don't talk to it again.. Please save before using it though.

Release Version 1.0 (12 - 20 - 15)

Things to note

  • Please take note that this is not yet complete.
  • Some multichoice are still pokepic and yes/no follow up questions.
  • The trevenant intro is really awkward.
  • Some hero and heroine OW Sprites still has the default OW Sprite.

Release Alpha 1 (01 - 02 - 15)

Features for the Alpha

  • Ranching Torchics
  • Mining 1st Level Only
  • Seasons
  • Punching Smashing Trees
  • Pulling Cutting Vines
  • Weather Systems
  • Smashing Rocks
  • Crafting

Alpha Length

  • Upto the part where the rival battles you

Exclusive(s) for this Alpha

  • Red and Blu Aprcrns Are Sold at the Shop

Some Notes

  • Your starting Money is 500
  • You can run indoors


  • Sharpedo at the intro is not change
  • Azurill at the intro is not change
  • After the battle with SETH/NICOLA talk to him/her again and he/she will ask you a rematch (This is a bug because He/She should ask you a favor not a rematch
  • You cannot enter mayor's house
  • Day and night switching of pokemon is not yet in the game but the season switching pokemon is already in the game
  • Your signpost in your farm doesnt have a script
  • Chingling's Pokemon Specie is "Disaster" Pokemon

I don't have beta tester so if you found some bugs please tell me HERE


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