Pokémon Kairos


     The Legendary Trio, Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza, is said to reside in Sierra Region after the incident that happened in Hoenn 2 years ago. Because of this, Team Magma and Team Aqua visits the region to accomplish each of their mission, and that is to find Groudon and find Kyogre respectively. However, a new organization called Team Empyrean, said to stop Teams Magma and Aqua, searches ofor Rayquaza first before both Teams Aqua and Magma accomplish their mission.

     You, a young trainer who lives in Paperbark Town, set on your own journey to become the champion of Sierra League. Unfortunate events is about to follow you as you set on your journey. Will you be able to carry through these challenges to reach your goal?


New Region
A New region to explore.

New Pokedex List
This hack will have a custom list of Pokemon from different generations.

New Berry and Apricorn Mechanic
Both regrow every day.

Poke Ball Crafting
Combine up to three Apricorns to craft your own Poké Ball.

New Poké Balls
Quick, Lure, and Dusk Ball are implemented.

New Moves
Some moves from Gen IV above.

New Abilities
Some abilities from Gen IV above.

PSS Split
Physical and Special Split.

Catch Exp Gain
Getting experience when catching Pokemon.

New Items
Some items from Gen IV above.

Fairy Type
Fairy type Pokemon and moves is included.

Screenshots (more to come)


  1. why are the town names named after nuts?

    1. Lol. Not nuts. They're named after trees. Pistachio Tree, Paperbark Tree, Almond Tree, etc.


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