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Pokémon Kairos now have it's own tab/page! You can view more information about the rom hack there!

New Crafting Video

Hi everyone, it's me RuFF. I have an announcement to make.

If you notice, I change the theme of my blog. I also changed the blog title and URL. Well that's because I'm now working on another hack called Pokemon Kairos. So instead of creating a seperate blog for Pokemon Kairos. I'm just going to change this blog as a collecton of my rom hacks (If i ever come up for more hacks). And also, starting now, I'm going to try my best to reply to the comments.

Expect to see some updates from Pokemon Kairos soon.

Thanks for reading this and have a nice day!

New Updates for Kairos

I continued working on Pokemon Kairos a week ago and here are some previews of what I worked on.


Poké Ball Crafting

Hero and Heroine

Pokemon Kairos

A bunch of screenshots from Pokemon Kairos!

Check more about Pokemon Kairos here!

Pokemon Kairos: Crafting Poke Balls

Check out more here!

Pokemon Kairos!

Check out my new rom hack Pokemon Kairos here!

Sierra Region is protected by the Mount Sierra from storms coming from the east. However, an organization is illegaly cutting down trees from Mount Sierra. And because of that, Mount Sierra is losing a lot of trees and stronger storms now manage to enter the region and cause disasters to town and cities.

You're a young boy/girl who was very lucky to be given one of three Pokemons by Prof. Arkose, the Sierra Region's famous Professor. Meet new friends, rivals, and foes during your journey. See more what is waiting for you as you try to reach for your goal.

More info here